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The concept is quite simple; a live concert with great musicians that play for an audience of 20 people inside the recording room of Studio Trad. You don’t only book your seat but also your pair of headphones in which you’ll get to hear a live mix of the concert so that absolutely no detail gets lost and you find yourselves in another universe. That’s what makes these live sessions so unique and exclusive.


Since it is not possible to organize live concerts in the studio right now, we are bringing some concerts to your place. Enjoy some live music in your own living room, streamed from Studio Trad. 


20.12.2020: Naragonia


27.12.2020: Geronimo


03.01.2021: Airboxes

DouglasFirs_event banner.jpg

31.01.2021: Douglas Firs

TrioDhoore_event banner.jpg

12.02.2021: Trio Dhoore

Dries_event banner.jpg

21.02.2021: Dries

TomAurélie_event banner.jpg

25.02.2021: Tom Theuns & Aurélie Dorzée

SaraSalvérius_event banner.jpg

28.02.2021: Sara Salvérius

BipolarBows_event banner.jpg

04.03.2021: Bipolar Bows

DixieRose_event banner.jpg

07.03.2021: Dixie Rose

SophiaAmmann_event banner.jpg

11.03.2021: Sophia Ammann

Mandolinman_event banner_v2.jpg

18.03.2021: MANdolinMAN - Houtekiet

LauraCortese_event banner.jpg

21.03.2021: Laura Cortese

OldSalt_event banner.jpg

25.03.2021: Old Salt

Loogaroo_event banner.jpg

28.03.2021: Loogaroo

nilsSara_event banner.jpg

15.04.2021: Nils De Caster & Sara De Smedt

Pauwel_event banner.jpg

18.04.2021: Pauwel

AlexandraAlden_event banner.jpg

29.04.2021: Alexandra Alden

HartwinDhoore_event banner.jpg

02.05.2021: Hartwin Dhoore

LennyWespen_event banner_v2.jpg

04.05.2021: Lenny & de Wespen

Wör_event banner.jpg

06.05.2021: Wör

PhilipRobrecht_event banner.jpg

17.05.2021: Philippe Robrecht

GianniMarzo_event banner.jpg

30.05.2021: Gianni Marzo

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