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Studio Trad was founded in 2010 by musician Jeroen Geerinck (Snaarmaarwaar, Hot Griselda, Novar). Since then it has become renowned as the studio specialized in acoustic music. In 2015 Jeroen joined forces with fellow musician Ward Dhoore (Snaarmaarwaar, Trio Dhoore, Estbel). Today Studio Trad works as a production company specialized in audio, video & photography. 



Together we work on your music in a professional studio environment that has the atmosphere of a living room; from pre-production to master.


We deliver videoclips, photoshoots and graphic design tailored to the needs of your artistic project. 


Are you fascinated by live music in a unique setting? So are we! That’s how we came across the idea of organizing live concerts here in the studio.


Marble Sounds, Laura Cortese, Gratitude Trio, Douglas Firs, The Bony King of Nowhere, Unday Records, The Brother Brothers, The Starlings, Lydia Cole, Alexandra Alden, Nils De Caster & Sara De Smedt, Meskerem Mees, Rocking Chair Sessions, Naragonia, Symbio, Pauwel, Ekko, Mandolinman, Estbel, Liliane Saint-Pierre, Embrun, I Fratelli Tarzanelli, Jim Boyes, Sirus, Dominique Vantomme, Broes, Les Bottines Artistiques, Sara Salvérius, Hot Griselda, Snaarmaarwaar, Naomi Vercauteren Trio, Filippo Gambetta, Variomatic, Aurélien Claranbaux, Duo Absynthe, Zinget, Duo Abbas Thézé, Zigo, Tal & Thee, Stau Collectief, Trio Dhoore, Amorroma, Soetkin Collier, Sophie Cavez, Yves Barbieux, Merode Festival, A12, Novar, Wim Claeys, Daithi Rua...

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